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  • Wind Tunnel Models Design and Fabrication of Large Scale Research &
    Development Propulsion Wind Tunnel Models
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ATI has an extensive background in the design, analysis, fabrication and development of full and sub scale advanced composite rotor blades and precision machined rotor systems for both experimental and FAA testing.

ATI produces metal and composite tooling for the blade fabrication process. We also develop the manufacturing and quality assurance plans to produce quality composite rotor and compressor blades.

ATI has software to rapidly analyze structures of hybrid composite materials in both static and rotating dynamic environments.

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ATI has designed and fabricated several full-scale models of advanced aircraft and helicopter configurations to validate engineering design and supportability analysis.

Our work also supports major marketing media presentations with static and dynamic indoor and outdoor display replica mockups.

These full scale models and mockups are made from both composite and metal materials and are designed and analyzed to withstand various aerodynamic load and transportation cases.

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ATI has designed, analyzed, fabricated, instrumented and inspected various fixed and rotor wing wind tunnel models. Our projects have included 2D and 3D, scaled, close tolerance, metal and composite high and low-speed performance models.

The models are designed and fabricated from initial customer approved 3D loft to completion within tight schedule constraints. Models can be instrumented with static and dynamic pressure taps, thermocouples, and strain-gauged control surfaces installed and calibrated for hinge movement and 3-component balance testing. Control surfaces can be set manually or remotely.