ISO 9001/AS9100 Certified

ATI produces full-scale model test articles with replicated external surfaces for radar cross section (RCS models) and antenna placement testing. State-of-the-art composite materials and core are formed and cured in soft or hard tooling to produce the skin sections. These skins are mounted onto light aluminum truss frames to produce the final external configuration.

Precision placement and QA inspections ensure that the final product meets the customer's specifications of both quality and dimensional accuracy. For aluminum skinned aircraft, the truss frame contains accurate stationed bulkheads and longerons similar to the production airframe.

ATI has produced the following test articles:

  • Boeing RCS Joint Strike Fighter (JSF)
  • F/A-18 EF, F-22, UCAV, & F-35 Antenna & Avionics Models
  • Comanche RAH-66 Helicopter
  • Several Generic Test Bodies & Platforms for Avionic Component Testing


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