ISO 9001/AS9100 Certified

Inlet and propulsion models are utilized in the testing of inlet flow characteristics, and flow control of aircraft propulsion systems. Test hardware in this category is precision machined and typically employs a large number of pressure and temperature sensing instrumentation. Materials may range from composites to high temperature ceramics. Inlet and propulsion models typically require in-depth analysis to meet pressure vessel requirements of test facilities. Model hardware for inlet and/or propulsion testing may be a stand-alone system, or be incorporated into full aircraft configurations to determine the jet effects in relation to the entire aircraft.


propulsion-wind-tunnel-models propulsion-wind-tunnel-model-stinger nozzle-wind-tunnel-model_3 multi-slot-nozzle-control jet-propulsion-wind-tunnel-model wind-tunnel-model-nozzle-hardware jet-exhaust-effect-model jet-effect-wind-tunnel-models jet-effect-wind-tunnel-model_1 inlet-wind-tunnel-models static-nozzle-inlet-wind-tunnel-model full-scale-wind-tunnel-models astovl-force-wind-tunnel-model aircraft-propulsion-flow-control aircraft-inlet-wind-tunnel-models air-intake-wind-tunnel-model aircraft-inlet-wind-tunnel-model aircraft-inlet-test-stand-model