ISO 9001/AS9100 Certified

Low speed models are tested to provide flight characteristics of rotorcraft, or fixed wing flight conditions typically encountered during the critical period of take-off and landing.  Low speed models can be a single airfoil model with high lift devices, or full configuration models with configurations to include landing gear and high lift devices.

Low speed models can be simple, straight-forward 3-D models fabricated from wood and composite materials or precision machined aluminum to meet customer's fast paced research testing and evaluation schedules.  Like precision models they may include a variety of instrumentation, and are most often mounted with a 6 component measuring device (balance).  With the lower speeds and associated loads, low speed models can incorporate remote actuated control surfaces that are impractical with higher speed models.

ATI has produced a variety of low speed models to include; aircraft stability and control, rotorcraft, ground effect, marine, water tank flow visualization, sub-scale display, and radio control models.


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