ISO 9001/AS9100 Certified

ATI is an industry leader in producing sub-scale composite rotor-blades for performance or dynamic wind tunnel testing. Design of sub-scale composite blades often requires the use of significantly lighter/thinner materials and, as a result, can be even more challenging than developing full-scale composite blades. Previous sub-scale development programs have included all types of complex airfoil/blade geometries, active/passive flight control devices, and on-board instrumentation.

While many of our sub-scale blade designs are composite,ATI also has experience fabricating all-metal (aluminum, steel) blades. Design and fabrication of sub-scale metal blades present unique challenges and must be carefully developed/processed to ensure dimensional stability and resulting inertial blade characteristics.

ATI has also produced sub-scale propeller blades (both aviation and marine applications), turbine blades, and wind-tunnel fan blades.

ATI has the knowledge and experience to meet the challenges of producing blades that perform as intended.


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