ISO 9001/AS9100 Certified

The Large-Scale Composite Tooling Facility is conveniently located in the Copeland Industrial Park District in Hampton, VA. This Facility is an extension of ATI’s main location in Oyster Point City Center. Our main facility is a modern 84,000 square foot facility that includes a precision machine shop, large model assembly areas, environmentally controlled composite areas, secured design and fabrication rooms and a controlled storage area. Our facility contains three (3) high bay fabrication areas totaling 24,500 square feet. The largest work area is 70’ x 150’.

Our Composite Tooling Facility is a 17,000 sq ft building that houses our IRB 6400 ABB Dual Robotic Machine Center. Providing plenty of space for your project needs to be facilitated. Our robotic machine has a milling envelope of 90 feet long, 16 feet wide, and 10 feet high. Though production of larger parts is possible, this would commonly be executed by the machining of multiple pieces that can be assembled into a single pattern exceeding 200 feet in length.

The IRB 6400RF is the most accurate and rigid robot in its class. It is reliable and well-proven design ensures high production up-time and minimal maintenance. Advanced motion control and collision detection greatly reduce the risk of tool and work piece damage. Thanks to the ABB’s unique control, the robot always optimizes the acceleration and deceleration to actual load, which results in the shortest cycle time possible. Best in class regarding path accuracy and position repeatability (RP=1.0 mm) and with ABB’s TrueMove, the robot always follows the same path, independent of the speed. The IRB 6400RF features robust all-steel construction with high material strength. The arms are mechanically balanced and equipped with double bearings. The Foundry Plus protection has IP67 tightness on the complete mechanical arm and can be washed with high-pressure steam. This makes the robot ideal for use in harsh environments.